Welcome to the McGough-Tarno Site. This site is dedicated to the history and genealogy of my ancestors. Please check back frequently as I am still working on this site and adding to it.

The genealogy portion of this site is not fully functional at this point. The search feature works and will display pedigree charts but will not allow them to be printed. There are other features that don't function as well. There seems to be a permissions issue on the server I must work out.

Links to other sites on LINKS tab above:

   Hugh McGough's site, magoo.com, has an enormous amount of information.

    Carole Scott's "The McGough Family Page"  is full of McGough history.

    Connie Rushing's site, The Tarno/Tarnow Homepage, is a great Tarno site. She has a list of decedents of Henry Frederick Tarnow. Henry is the first Tarno to come to America in my line.

    Dan Tarno's site contains family pictures and history  of Henry Fredrick Tarno and descendants.

Family Search is a great genealogy site. Family Search provides the ability to search birth, marriage, and death records. It allows you to upload your genealogy work and download the work others have done. Family Search uses the GEDCOM format and a list of compatible programs are listed on the site. Also one can volunteer to index old records on microfiche so the records will be searchable on the internet.

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