The following information has been compiled over the years by members of my family. It has been typed, re-typed and now converted with OCR , it contains many grammar and spelling errors. I have corrected some of the grammar and spelling errors for easier reading but left most of it as written by the original authors.

ROBERT MCGOUGH, SR. was born in about 1730 and died 1778. His wife was Matilda Carson and had (E. M. Sharp descends as follows):
JOHN MCGOUGH was born in 1761 and died in 1847. His wife was Elizabeth Carson, daughter of William and Margaret Mills Carson of Abbeville District, S. C. and grand daughter of Thomas Carson of Wilkes and Green Counties, Georgia. Both, John and Elizabeth are buried in the McGough cemetery at White Plains, Georgia. They had a daughter:
MATILDA MCGOUGH born 1799 in Abbeville District, S. C. and died 1881 in Scott County, Miss. She is buried in Leak County, Miss. Her husband was Marshall C. Sharp, son of James and Margaret Cunningham Sharp of Meckienburg County, North Carolina, Green County Georgia, and Montgomery County, Alabama. Marshall Sharp was born in 1796 in Mecklenburg and died 1845 in Tallapoosa County, Ala. They had:
MARSHALL LAFAYETTE SHARP was born 1829 in Montgomery County, Ala. and died in 1896 in Van Zandt County, Texas and buried in Edgewood. His was wife Mattie Jane Ware from Lincoln County, Georgia was born 1842 and died in 1929 and buried at Edgewood. They had:
ROBERT HILLARD SHARP was born 1847 in Mississippi and died in 1949 at Carthage, Miss. His wife was Dolly Henry, born in 1872 and died in 1915 at Edgewood, Texas.
E.M. SHARP was born in 1904-3477 Highland Cove, Memphis, Tenn.
Mr. E. M. Sharp states that in his efforts to trace the Sharp family, he went to Charlotte, North Carolina and searched the records for the Sharps. It was then that he discovered the McGough records. The two families seem to have had several intermarriages. John Sharp married Mary McGough. Marshall Sharp married Matilda McGough. Thomas McGough of Butts County married Nancy McClure whose mother was Mary Sharp, a daughter of Richard Sharp and grand daughter of Edward Sharp of Mecklenburg. Richard was a brother of John and James Sharp who is the ancestor of E. M. Sharp.

John McGough, son of Robert, Sr. and Matilda Carson McGough was born August 21, 1761 in County Down, North Ireland. He died October 17, 1847 at White Plains, Green County, Georgia. His wife, Elizabeth Carson, was the daughter of William and Margaret Mills Carson. She was born June 25, 1764 in County Down, North Ireland and died April 23, 1847 at White Plains, Green County, Georgia. They were married in 1782 in Abbeeville District, South Carolina. John McGough came to America when he was 10 years old with his parents, landing in Charleston, South Carolina. They moved overland to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina where they lived in the Providence Presbyterian Church Community. Robert McGough, Sr. purchased a tract of 150 acres of land on Mcalpine Creek from Patrick Jack in 1773. Robert died in 1778, leaving part of his home place to John and the other part to Robert, Jr. John later sold his part to his Robert, Jr., who in turn sold it in 1786. They were all living in Green County, Georgia at this time. John McGough first enlisted in the Revolutionary War in the army of General Horatio Gates. He was in the battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania and was present at the surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga in New York. Apparently returning home after this northern campaign, he later enlisted in the command of General Sumter of South Carolina. William Nelson, his grandson in old age thought his grandfather had been under the command of Light Horse Harry Lee or Col. William Washington. The actual records show that he was under the command of General Sumter in South Carolina. He served through the famous campaigns of General Nathaniel Greene in the Carolinas at the battles of "Fishing Creek", "Camden", "Kings Mountain", "Ninety six", "Cowpens", "Eutaw Springs", and "Guilford Court House". He was wounded severely by two saber cuts, one on the right side of the head near the crown and the other on the shoulder near the shoulder blade. The cut on the head was four or five inches tong and in the shoulder six or eight inches long. The wounds rendered him unable to perform any more active service until the close of the campaign in South Carolina. Later when federal pensions were made possible for veterans of the revolution. He was urged by his friends to apply for a pension but refused to do so, saying that his country was poor and he did not need it. He scorned to ask his country for service which he gladly rendered to secure liberty and independence from Great Britain.
It seems that John and his brothers, Robert and William, all appeared rather early in Green County, Georgia and secured land there, certainly as early as 1785. They lived also in Abbeville District, South Carolina, moving back and forth between the two locations. In the early days the Indians were troublesome in Green County. When they would go on the warpath, the families would pack up and move back to Abbeville for safety, returning to their homes in Green County on the resumption of peace. The 1790 census shows John McGough living next door to his father-in-law, William Carson, in the Hard Labor Section of Abbeville County.
Elizabeth Carson, wife of John McGough, was born June 25, 1764 in Ireland according to tradition in the family. If this were true, then the whole Carson delegation came together in the same ship with the McGough’s. It is proven that Elizabeth Carson was the grand daughter of Thomas Carson who died in Green County, Ga. in 1790, leaving an extensive will on record there. In his will, Thomas Carson specifically named "my son living in South Carolina." All circumstantial evidence proves him to be William Carson, who was living in Abbeville District in 1790. William Carson's wife was Margaret Mills.
On coming over from Ireland, the Carson’s turned south. William purchased land in the Hard Labor Creek Section of Abbeville county, living some five or six miles east of the present town of Abbeville. The family seems to have worshiped a Cedar Springs Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church, which is still an active church. William Carson died in 1801 in Abbeville County; His family was as follows:
1. Martha Carson- Married Major John Hearst and they had; Margaret, Robert, William, Mary, Jane, John, George, Martha, Lewis and Sarah.
2. Elizabeth Carson- Married John McGough (see later information)
3. Sarah Carson- Married Mitchell Rafferty. They later moved to Kentucky.
4. Margaret Carson- Married Josiah Patterson who was born in Ireland. He was a member of the South Carolina Assembly. They had six children: Josiah, Jr., James, William, Jane, Sarah, and Mrs. Perrin.
5. Mary Carson- Married James Patterson and moved later to Alabama.
6. Robert Carson- Married Nancy Howard and moved to Tallahahatchie County, Mississippi. They had Martin, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, Lucinda, Benjamin, John, and William.

John and Elizabeth Carson McGough lived the rest of their lives on their place at White Plains, Georgia. They are buried in a little family cemetery on the place. In the summer of 1947, one hundred years after the death of John and Elizabeth, Mr. E. M. Sharp and his father visited the place and the cemetery at White Plains and stood at the foot of those two patriots. The place was then owned by a Mr. Thompson who took special pains to show them all points of interest. The cemetery was located in the middle of a patch where he was growing peanuts. Some years ago the Daughters of the Revolution erected a monument on his grave. These words, "JOHN MCGOUGH, A North Carolina REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER" are engraved. About 30 other graves are in the plot. Buried there besides the McGough, are the Nelsons and Griers. The children of John and Elizabeth Carson McGough are:

1. Sarah McGough- Born July 15, 1783 and died July 22, 1893. Buried in the McGough cemetery at White Plains, Georgia.
2. Robert McGough- Born March28, 1785 and died in Monroe County, Georgia in 1876. He married Sandal Cabanas. They had a large family and from them descend The McGough’s of Montgomery, Alabama as well as others of Monroe and Butts Counties, Georgia.
3. Margaret McGough- Born April 3, 1787, she never married and died in 1880 in Monroe County, Georgia while living in the home of her brother, Robert.
4. William McGough- Born April 12, 1789 and died December 12, 1820. He is buried in the family cemetery at White Plains, Georgia.
5. Martha McClelland McGough- Born March 18,1791 and died November 4, 1870 at the age of 79. She married Perry Nelson of Green County, Ga. where they lived all their lives. They were devout members of old Bethany Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest churches in Green County. They were the parents of William Newton Nelson, who lived in later years in McDonough, Georgia and who wrote the old letter of his grandfather, John McGough, in 1895.
6. John McGough, Jr.- Born April 15,1793 and died October 22, 1819. He is buried in the family cemetery at White Plains, Georgia.

7. Thomas McGough- Born April 7, 1795 and died in Butts County, Georgia. He married Nancy McClure, daughter of James McClure and wife, who was Mary Sharp, the daughter of Richard Sharp of Mecdklinburg County, North Carolina. Richard Sharp was a son of Edward Sharp of Mecklinburg. Richard Sharp was a brother of John Sharp who married Mary McGough, daughter of Robert Sr. and Matilda Carson McGough. Thomas and Nancy had a large family. One of their daughters married her first cousin William Newton Nelson, the man who wrote the old letter of his grandfather, John McGough, in 1895. Mr. Dozier Fields of Islip, Long Island, New York is a grandson of this couple.
8. Elizabeth McGough- Born April 30, 1797 and died June 8, 1817. She is buried in the family cemetery at White Plains.
9. Matilda McGough- Born July 17, 1799 in Abbeville District, South Carolina and died November 16,1881 in Scott County, Mississippi and is buried in Good Hope Cemetery, just across the line in Leake County Mississippi. She married Marshall C. Sharp on November 30, 1819 in Green County, Georgia. They moved to Montgomery County, Alabama and later to Tallapoosa County, Alabama where Marshall died in 1845. Matilda with her family moved to Mississippi.
10. Joseph McGough- Born August 14,1801 and died September 1, 1812 is buried in the family cemetery at White Plains, Georgia.
11. James McGough- Born November 23,1803 and died in 1883 in Alabama, where he lived for 25 years. He moved and knowledge of his family is scant.

12. David Carson McGough- Born August 6, 1806 and died July 26, 1835. He had married and had a son. He died and is buried at County Line Baptist Church in Butts County, Georgia. Descendants of John McGough and his wife Elizabeth Carson McGough:
Robert McGough, second child and oldest son of John and Elizabeth McGough was born on March28, 1785 in Abbeville County, South Carolina and died March 10, 1882 in Monroe County, Georgia.
Sandal Cabanas, his wife was the daughter of George Cabanas and Hanna Clay from Amelia County, Virginia, died August 20, 1885 in the home of her son, Robert Carson McGough in Forsythe County, Georgia. They were married: October 10, 1811 in Jones County, Ga. Robert McGough was in the war of 1812. He was a private in the Company of Captain George M. Weatherly's, of the Second Georgia Militia from August 23, 1813 to March 9, 1814. Soon after marriage, he settled in Monroe County, Georgia. There, he remained the rest of his life and raised a family of six boys and four girls.
Their children, grandchildren and some great grandchildren:
1. John McGough- Born September 15, 1812 and died December 14,1888. He married Mary Elizabeth Dawson, born 1831 and died March27, 1915. They were married July 27, 1852.
They lived most of their lives a Glennville, Alabama They Had:         
(1) Annie Blair McGough was born December 19, 1854 and died December 7, 1893. She married W. C. Hart, May 18, 1873 and lived in Montgomery, Alabama. They had one
2. Robert Carson McGough- Born January 10, 1857 and died in1880 unmarried.
3. Thomas Dawson McGough was born July 1, 1859 and married Annie Will Perry on December 14, 1889 at Glennville, Alabama. Their children were:
(A) John McGough
(B) George Edward McGough---- (Twins born February 23, 1891)
(C) Thomas Dawson McGough, Jr.- He established an automobile agency in Montgomery, Alabama about 1916. In 1946, he organized a new company on Bibb Street in Montgomery to handle Oldsmobile’s in the name of his two sons Thomas D. McGough, III and Frank McGough, who had just returned from the army.
4. Hugh Blair McGough was born on September 8, 1861 and died on February 6, 1894. He never married and died in the home of his sister, Mrs. W. M. Bray in Eufaula, Alabama.
5. George Lafayette McGough was born on September 8,1861 with twin brother, Hugh Blair. The twins were born in Jones County, Georgia. Home was Glenville, Alabama.
6. John Welch McGough was born January 1, 1864 and died??
7. Mary Elizabeth McGough was born August 16, 1866 and married William Mark Bray on November 20, 1890. They made their home at Glennville, Alabama. Children were:
(A) Hugh Mark Bray was born September 21, 1891 and lives in Columbus, S.C.
(B) Mary Bray was born on December 15, 1897. She married and lives in Fort Worth, TX.
8. Susie Sandal McGough was born on July 20, 1869 and married Leonard Alfred Baarcke on November 20, 1890. They made their home in Montgomery, Alabama.
9. Henry Dawson McGough was born on December 19, 1873. He married Carolyn Jackson on August 15, 1919 and made their home at Glennville, Alabama.
II. Elizabeth McGough married Ezekiel Hollis and lived at Brundidge, Georgia. No children.
III. Mary Ann McGough married Robert Minter, lived in Buena Vista, Georgia. They had seven children. Mary died in 1871.
IV. Matilda McGough was born in 1818, she never married.
V. Matthew Organ McGough was born in 1814.
VI. William T. McGough was killed in the Civil War in the Battle of New Hope Church. Actually died in Atlanta on July 1864. He left two sons:
(A) John McGough
(B) Robert McGough
VII. George Lafayette McGough was a merchant at Columbus, Georgia.
VIII. Sarah B. McGough was born in 1816 and resided in Marion County, Georgia. She married Jacob A. Clements who was born December 10, 1808. Sarah Clements died July 27, 1904. Both are buried in Buena Vista, Georgia. Their children were:
(A) Thomas J. Clements
(B) Peyton W. Clements married Susan J. Rocknian, April 27, 1857.
(C) Sarah Ann Clements married a Mr. Hanson.
(D) Jane Baldwin Clements was born October 5, 1836 at Buena Vista, Ga. and died November 20, 1910. She married Richard Wiley Melton, April 24, 1856. They are the grand parents of Miss Dovie E. Goodlet who now resides at 106 Laurel Street, Wing Shadows, West Monroe, Louisiana. (1970)
(E) John W. Clements was born November 22, 1838 and died February 13, 1911 He never married.
(F) Harriet Clements was born in 1841. She married a Mr. TilIman.
(G) William A. Clements was born in 1845 in Georgia.
(H) Robert E. Clements was born February 18, 1854 and died January 9,1923. He married Mattie McCall who was born, November 5,1854 and died April 2, 1949 at the age of 95. They both are buried in Buena Vista, Georgia.
X. George Lafayette McGough died Oct.31, 1879, he never married.
XI. Robert Carson McGough was the youngest son and child of Robert and Sandal Cabanas McGough. He was born in 1832 and died September 8, 1945 at the age of 113 years. He married Margaret Hollis. Robert Carson McGough graduated from the University of Georgia carrying off the highest honors. Many years later his son Robert C. McGough, Jr. did the same at the same University. He made his home in Monroe County, Georgia, later moving to Forsythe, Georgia. His mother lived in his home in her last days and died in his home in Forsythe County. After the death of his wife, he and all of his children moved to Seattle, Washington to live with his oldest son, Thomas McGough. His children were:
1. Thomas McGough- never married. He made a fortune prospecting and gold digging in the Klondike. Returned to Seattle and engaged in the real-estate business when the city was rapidly growing and increased the fortune.
2. Maude McGough- never married. She was living in Seattle in 1948-1950 when she sent quite a bit of information on the McGough families, traditions, etc.
3. Nellie McGough- never married. She was last heard of in Seattle.
4. Robert Carson McGough, Jr.- never married. He carried off the highest honors at the University of Georgia when a student there.
5. May McGough - She married Dr. Frank Cato and lived in Americus, Georgia. They had one son:
(1) Frank Cato, Jr., a surgeon who lived in New Orleans, La. After the death of Dr. Frank Cato, Sr., May McGough Cato also went to Seattle, Washington to live with her brothers and sisters.
3. Margaret McGough, 3rd. child of John and Elizabeth Carson McGough was born April 11,
1785 in Abbeville County, South Carolina. In 1850 she was living with her sister Matilda Sharp in Tallapoosa County, Alabama and the census records gives her birth place as Georgia so she may have been born in Green County, Georgia. Margaret died in 1880 in Monroe Co., Georgia. She was about 95 years old. She never married, but lived with her father and mother in Green County as long as they lived, both died in 1847. She then went over to Butts County, Georgia and made her home with her brother, Thomas McGough. She owned a family of Negroes that was relatives to some of the Negroes her brother drew in the division of the estate of John McGough. In 1866 after the Negroes were free she moved to the home of her brother Robert McGough in Monroe County and spent the remainder of her days with him.
5. Martha McClelland McGough was born March 18, 1791 and died November 4, 1870, age 79. Martha was the 5th child of John and Elizabeth McGough. She married Perry Nelson of Green County, where they lived all their lives. They were devout members of old Bethany Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest churches in Green County, Georgia. They were the parents of William Newton Nelson who wrote the old letter giving information about his grand father, John McGough, that he learned while staying with him. Letter was written in 1895. Martha was born in Georgia. Her husband, Perry Nelson was born in Maryland in 1794. He died in Green County, Georgia. They were married in 1821. They had 6 children, three boys and three girls. Those known are:

(A) Margaret Nelson- Born in 1823 and married William Moore.
(B) James Nelson- Born in 1826 was still living with parents in 1850.
(C) Martha Nelson- Born in 1829 was still living with her parents in 1850.
(D) William Newton Nelson- Married Martha Ann McGough, daughter of Thomas McGough.
(F) ??

Much of this information repeats itself from information that has already been written but is from other sources of history that goes into a little more detail of John and Elizabeth Carson McGough and their descendents. Their children are listed by number according to their births.
7. Thomas McGough the seventh child was born April 7, 1795 in Green County, Georgia and reared on a farm. He died January 23, 1876 at his home in Butts County, Georgia. Nancy McClure, his wife, was born February 14, 1804 in Putnam County, Georgia and died January 13, 1889 in Butts County, Georgia. She was the daughter of James McClure and Mary Sharp. Both are buried at County Line Church. They were married December 27, 1825 in Putnam County, Georgia.
In the War of 1812, he was a soldier in Capt. Dawson's Company of the Second Georgia Militia from October 12, 1814 to March 15, 1815. He drew a pension for services rendered in the army for several years before his death. He was inducted at Sparta, Georgia and marched to Savanna, Georgia where he was stationed. The march covered 20 miles per day.
In 1823, he left his father's home and went to Butts County, Georgia. This country was not then laid off; being a new territory just obtained from the Creek Indians in a treaty at Indian Springs, Georgia. He purchased a tract of land on the Macintosh Trail, which is now called Strickland Road. There is a small town built today on part of the land he owned. When he left home, he carried with him a Negro boy twelve years old whose name was Phil, two horses, his tools, and household goods. He stopped in the woods, built a log cabin and cleared the land to make a crop of corn for the year of 1824. For meat he killed deer, turkey, and many other animals which roamed the woods at that time. His nearest neighbor was a Mr. Watkins who had settled before him on land, which was joining his. His next neighbor was Robert Greir, the maker of the famous Greir Almanac.
Thomas McGough in 1825 built himself a better cabin near the one he had built two years before. He used the new house for living and the small on for a kitchen. It was completed in the last of December 1825. When completed, he washed his Sunday shirt and ironed it. He then saddled his horse and leading another, started out for Putnam County. On the twenty- seventh day of December 1825 he married Miss Nancy McClure. The morning after their marriage, they set out on horse back carrying her clothes and household goods for their new home which was about seventy five miles from there. They lived at this place for twenty- five years, where all seven of their children were born. He then sold his home and moved to a new place eight miles west in the same county in 1849. Here they lived the remaining days of their lives, raising all seven of their children.

Thomas McGough is described as being five feet seven inches tall, weight about 140 pounds, with dark hair, dark eyes, and swarthy complexion. This is in an affidavit made by his widow in applying for a pension. He was a farmer and a member of County Line Baptist Church, as was all his family.
The children of Thomas and Nancy McGough are as follows:
I. Martha Ann McGough was born January 8, 1828 and died March 7, 1907. She died at McDonough, Georgia. She married William Newton Nelson, son of Perry Nelson and Martha McClendon McGough. They were first cousins. They married on October 31, 1847
They had seven children, six girls and one boy. Only one name furnished:
1. Ida Nelson married Mr. Fields of Islip, Long Island, New York, who furnished some valuable notes on the McGough family. The above William Newton Nelson is the man who in 1895 while living in McDonough, Georgia, wrote the letter retelling some of his grand father, John McGough' stories.

II. Margaret Jane McGough was born January 8,1831 and died January 7, 1887 in Butts County She married Finney M. Kimball on February 11, 1849. They had no children. She later married William S. Swann. They had no children. Their home was in Butts County, Ga. Mr. Fields writes: "Alongside me as I write is a large whitewood, or poplar blanket and quilt chest that was once the property of "Aunt Margaret Swann". I also have a maple chest of drawers which belonged to Nancy McClure McGough, a handsome piece of homemade furniture.
III. John Thomas McGough was born December 23, 1832 and died May 12, 1872. He married Sarah Evans in 1871 and had one son John A. McGough. John Thomas McGough was a Confederate soldier.
IV. James Robert McGough was born September 16, 1836 and died December 4, 1913 in Butts County, Georgia. He married Elizabeth Baiikston, daughter of William R. Balikston, clerk of Superior Court of Butts County. Her mother was Mahaley Collins. James Robert served in the Civil War in Co. 1, 14th Regiment of the army of North Virginia. He was discharged for disability and re-enlisted in July of 1864. Their children:

(A) Emma E. McGough (E) Minnie May McGough
(B) William F. McGough (F) Birdie Ola McGough
(C) Margaret L. McGough (G) Joseph Gordon McGough
(D) Mattie McGough

V Joseph Howard McGough was born March29, 1840 and died May 10, 1862 in Virginia. He married Sally Finney on August 8, 1860. They had one child, Ella Captolitta McGough.

VI. William Marion McGough was born August 22, 1842 and died February 14, 1915 at Morton, Mississippi. He Married Elizabeth Moore in 1872. He was a private in the Civil War. He was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia on December 13, 1862 and surrendered at Appoinattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865. About 1900, he moved to Morton, Mississippi and operated a successful mercantile business for many years. He left several sons, who at last account were still living at Morton. This branch of the family has not been followed up.

VII. Benjamin Lewis McGough, the youngest son of Thomas and Nancy McGough, was born January 3, 1849 and died March20, 1923 in Atlanta, Georgia and is buried at Fayetteville, Georgia. He married Sarah Jane Lewis (widow of James A. Moore) on September 20,1867. She was born February 8, 1845 and died July 1, 1917 and buried at Fayetteville, Georgia.
Sarah Jane's children by Mr. Moore were:
(A) Allis M. Moore, born February 20, 1863, married J. R. Murphy of Georgia.
(B) J. Avery Moore, born February 26, 1865, married A. D. Murphy.

Children of Sarah Jane and Benjamin. Lewis McGough were:
(1) Reed Eleanor McGough was born August 9, 1868 and died August 2, 1869
(2) Ossie Jane McGough was born December 6, 1869 and married L. W. Kirkland on November 28, 1888.
(3) James Landau McGough was born January 15, 1891 and married Sapha Addison on December 13, 1891.
(4) Martha Lenora McGough was born April 18, 1872 and married T.N. Kidd on February 3, 1892.
(5) Nancy Eusebee McGough was born July 25, 1873 and married J. W. Kirkland on February 11, 1891.
(6) Hester Blalock McGough was born February 10, 1875 and died January 15, 1912 at Fayetteville, Georgia. She married A. P. Sams on October 2, 1894.
(7) Daisy McGough was born August 5, 1877 and died August 11, 1877
(8) Thomas Marion McGough was born April 2, 1879 and married Lizzie Walker on November 21, 1909. They made their home at Morton, Mississippi.
(9) John Claude McGough was born July 2, 1880 and married Lillie Stephenson on April 16, 1905. John C. McGough served two terms as Chancery Clerk of Scott County, Mississippi.

Will give more information of John and Lillie McGough later.

While visiting my brother, Lloyd P. McGough in Mobile, Alabama in November, 1971, I also visited William Malcolm McGough, son of John Claude McGough.

10. (Child died in infancy), born August 5, 1881.
ii. Glenn Stephens McGough was born March 17, 1883 and killed by lightning on June 5,1906.
12. William Ernest McGough was born October 25, 1884 and died June 9, 1885.
13. Liz Blanch McGough was born March31, 1886. She married M. V. McConnell on December 5, 1907.
14. Gladys Geraldine McGough was born August 31, 1887. She married W. E. Edwards on June30, 1910.

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