The following information has been compiled over the years by members of my family. It has been typed, re-typed and now converted with OCR , it contains many grammar and spelling errors. I have corrected some of the grammar and spelling errors for easier reading but left most of it as written by the original authors.

Benjamin Lewis McGough was mustered into the Confederate Army serving as drummer boy in Company G, Third Georgia Reserve Troops. He was later promoted to Brigade Drummer. Part of his army service was spent at the Prisoner of War Camp at Andersonville, Georgia. An account and description of the camp and its conditions are included in his book, "RECORD OF THE MCGOUGH FAMILY 1921."
He was a merchant and farmer, and in later years was Postmaster of Fayetteville, Georgia. He also served in the federal government as tax collector. In 1921, he compiled, wrote, and published the book, "Record of the McGough Family". His manuscript has been found to be very accurate for such a work. He died March21, 1923 as the result of a stroke. His body was interned at Fayetteville, Georgia, next to his wife who died July 1, 1917. Much information on the John McGough family and descendents has been included in Benjamin L. McGough's family. Most of this information in this paper comes from a photostatic copy sent to Rev. E. M. Sharp by Mr. Dozier N. Fields of New York.
Matilda McGough, daughter of John and Elizabeth Carson McGough, was born July 17, 1799 in Abbeville County, South Carolina, according to the tradition in the family, but the census of 1850 states that she was born in Georgia. She is likely the person who gave the information to the census taker. She died November 16, 1881 in Scott County, Mississippi and is buried in Good Hope Cemetery in Leake County, Mississippi.
John McGough and his brothers had moved to Green County, Georgia at least as early as 1785, but because the Indians were often troublesome, they would go back to Abbeville County, South Carolina until trouble subsided. As late as 1805, the Indians gave trouble in Green County and the McGough's went again to Abbeville County or to a more settled or safe community. Matilda used to relate this experience that occurred when she was a small child about five years old. The family was once on its way to the settlement when a big buck Indian jumped out of the woods in front of them and held up his hand. They were frightened; thinking their time had come. He told them he was their friend and would lead them safely through if they would give him salt as payment. Salt was a highly prized commodity to the Indians. He stayed with them all day and the following night. When he would hear a war whoop in the forest, he would answer it in such a way that they would not come near. Needless to say, he received his portion of salt.
Matilda, as her grandsons remembered her, was a quiet person and very positive. She took little foolishness. When she spoke, she expected to be obeyed and they knew it, for she gave orders only once. She was also as positive in controlling other children as she was her own. Old Mr. Billy Johnson who moved to Mississippi and settled near Sebastopol, used to say he was as scared of her as a bear, for when he was playing with the Sharp children in Tallapoosa County, Alabama she had switched him many times just like she did her own children.
Physically, she was small in stature, solidly built, with a dark complexion and dark eyes. Her hair was cold black, rolled up in a knot at the back of her head and it was held in place with a big
fancy comb. Apparently, the McGough features included black hair, dark complexion. Many of her descendants have inherited the same features and there is no baldness in this branch of the family. It is reported that John McGough was only slightly gray at his death and this can be said of many of his descendants.
Matilda never joined a church, though her family was Presbyterian. This seems to bear out the tradition that her Aunt Sarah was a Quaker, for the Quakers don't lay much stress on church membership, or the ordinances of baptism and communion. All of Matilda's children joined either the Baptist or Presbyterian churches. It is said that during the "big meeting time" at Cross Roads Baptist Church in Scott County, Mississippi, that everyone prayed for Matilda to join the church and some would speak to her about it, but she only smiled, shook her head and said that she did not have to join the church to be saved. She said simply, "God has been mighty good to me all of my life and we are on good terms with each other and I don't have to join the church to be saved."

Marshall C. Sharp, son of James and Margaret Cunningham Sharp, was born in 1796 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He moved with his parents to Green County, Georgia about 1812. He was married to Matilda McGough in Green County on November 30, 1819. They lived in Green County until about 1830, when they moved with his mother and several brothers to Montgomery County, Alabama. They settled at Le Grande, about ten miles south of Montgomery in a community that came to be called Sharpsburg about 1850 and in 1860, having a post office by that name. They were in company with most of the children of John and Eleanor Cunningham Sharp who had moved there direct from Mecklenburg County, South Carolina.
This was rather new country and the Creek War had ended less than ten years before they came. This was all raw pioneer country. They set to work clearing their fields and building their log cabins. The story comes down in the family that when Marshall and Matilda had erected their cabin; they did not have a door in it for a while, but rather stretched a deer hide across it at night. The country was still full of wolves and panthers, which often came around the cabin prowling. One night Marshall was late coining home, a panther began trying to get in through the deer hide door. Matilda was cooking supper on the fife place. Matilda stood at the opening and every time the panther pushed against the deer hide, she would hit it with the fire poker. She was fearful that it would meet Marshall and jump on him. Often, they related that a panther would walk over the roof at night and disturb the live stock.
Once on a visit to Montgomery County to visit some of the Sharp cousins who still lived there, they pointed out the location of the home of Uncle Marshall Sharp when he lived among them. In the center of this community, is the Sharp cemetery where so many of the original settlers are buried. It marks the site of Providence Presbyterian Church. This church was organized in 1832 at the instigation of Eleanor and Margaret Sharp, the two sisters. They invited their brother, Rev. Robert M. Cunningham, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Tuscaloosa, Alabama to come over and constitute the membership, which he did. This old church has had a long and honorable history and is still a very strong and active church in the community. It was this church that some of the children of Marshall and Matilda McGough Sharp joined.
About 1840, the Creek Indians finally ceded their land that was left in Alabama to the U.S.
Government and went to Indian Territory. All their land was then opened to white settlements, and
the counties of Macon, Coosa, Tallapoosa, Chambers, Talladega, etc. were formed. Matilda and
Marshall Sharp moved over to Tallapoosa County and settled in the Rosanna community.
A newer county formed after the Civil War. It was here that Marshall died in 1845.
When he died, she was able to hold her family together and continue the farm. Her older sons were old enough to carry on the farm work. A near neighbor was Dr. Allen Kimball, whose family were good friends of Matilda's family. Dr. Kimball was especially kind to give advice about planting and other matters. He was a prominent man in Tallapoosa County. A member of the Alabama legislature for a number of terms, and a member of the session convention that met in Montgomery when Alabama went out of the Union. He voted against session but when Alabama voted to go out, he supported the Confederacy with all he had.

About 1856, Matilda McGough Sharp moved to Leake County, Mississippi with her older son John T. Sharp and her younger children. They went along with a large movement of Tallapoosa County families that settled along the border between Scott and Leake Counties; the Maddens, Johnson’s, Golden's, Slaughters, Langford's, Gilbert's, and others. They were all neighbors and friends and in many instances were intermarried. Matilda McGough Sharp settled at Good Hope in Leake county which is only a mile across from Scott County. She lived there during the days of the Civil War. After the war, she moved over to Malco Community. She was living on her farm near Red Top, Scott County with her son George W. Sharp when she died on November 16, 1881. She was buried at Good Hope Cemetery.
The children and grandchildren of Matilda McGough and Husband Marshall Sharp:
1. John T. Sharp was born December 10, 1820 and died at Steel, Mississippi in 1899. He married his first wife, Frances Slaughter of Tallapoosa County, Alabama and his second wife, Maryann Parnell of Scott County, Mississippi. All his children are by his first wife:
(A) Mary Sharp married Alex Knighten. They lived in Homer, La. and had no children.
(B) Isabella Sharp married James Bryant and lived in Kaufman County, Texas. Descendants are living in Kaufman and Dallas, Texas.
(C) Fannie Sharp married John F. Madden. Descendants are numerous in Scott and Leake Counties, Mississippi.
(D) John Eli Sharp married Melissa Madden. Descendants in Scott and Leake Counties.
(E) Joseph Sharp married Miss Finley. They had no children.
(F) Susie Sharp married Tom M. Steel. He was a merchant in Forest, Mississippi for many years. Descendants living in Forest, Mississippi.
(G) Ida W. Sharp married Charley Thompson. They had three children who all lived in Bernice, Louisiana.
(H) Robert Walter Sharp married Bell Aycock. They had three children. This is the man E. R. Sharp visited and obtained much information and also a list and dates of the children of John McGough and Elizabeth Carson McGough in the own hand writing of Matilda McGough. Sharp herself He had many relics of hers, she having lived near John T. Sharp in her old age.
II. Elizabeth Ann Sharp, second child of Marshall and Matilda, was born in Green County, Georgia in 1822 and died in Eufaula, Alabama. She married John W. Treat and was left a widow early with four small children. She had quite a struggle, but raised her children and educated them. Two of her sons entered business in Eufaula and built up a large mercantile business with a wide reputation.
III. Marshall Lafayette Sharp was born April 30, 1829 in Montgomery County, Alabama and died February 10, 1896 in Edgewood, Texas. He married Caroline Brown of Waverly, Alabama and they had two children:
A. Willie Lockhart Sharp was born November 13, 1857 and died in Lubbock, Texas. He has descendants in California and Lubbock, Texas.
B. Information was missing on the second child.

Caroline Brown, Marshall L. Sharp's wife, died just as the Civil War had begun. So, Marshall Lafayette Sharp enlisted in the 47th Alabama Regiment and fought three years in Stonewall Jackson's army in Virginia. He was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness and returned to Alabama, and when well, transferred for the rest of the war to a Mississippi Calvary troop. After the war or in 1365, Marshall married his second wife, Maffie Jane Ware, born in Lincoln County, Georgia. They were married in Chambers County, Alabama. This Marshall Lafayette Sharp is the Grandfather of Rev. E. M. Sharp, the man that finished me with so much information on the McGough history, he being a descendant from John McGough and the two families being intermarried several times.
After the war, Marshall and Mattie moved with his two children by his first marriage to Scott County, Mississippi. They later lived in Leake County, Mississippi, until 1892 when they moved to Edgewood, Texas, where he died in 1896. Their children are listed below:
3. George Pierce Sharp, born January 25, 1866, married Rhodie Barber.
4. Marshall Barksdale Sharp, born August 30, 1867, married Addie Jones.
5. Matilda Elizabeth Sharp, born May 14, 1870, married J. N. Gomillion.
6. Orion Lafayette Sharp, born June 14, 1872, married Laura Livingston.
7. Robert Hillard Sharp, born August 29, 1874, married Dolly Henry.
8. Emma Lola Sharp, born August 28,1377, married Taylor Livingston.
9. Buford Walden Sharp, born August 9, 1879, married Clinnie Howard.
Note: Robert Hillard Sharp is the father of Rev. E. M. Sharp. When E. M. Sharp's mother died in 1915, his grandmother came to live with them, and stayed until her death in 1929 at Vernon, Texas. Her stories of Sharps and McGough’s inspired the later efforts of her grandson to trace all the families of Sharps and McGough’s.
IV. Emily C. Sharp was born in 1826 in Georgia and died about 1870 in Alabama. She married J. C. P. Sharp, her first cousin of Montgomery County, Alabama. Both of them died young and left two small children that were brought to Mississippi and cared for by their uncle, John T. Sharp.
V Ebenezer Franklin Sharp was born in Alabama and died April 2, 1909 at Hillsboro, Texas. He married Martha Boone Harris in Alabama. He became a Medical Doctor, taking training at Augusta Medical College in Augusta, Georgia. He attended Atlanta Medical College in Atlanta, Georgia before the Civil War. During the war, he was a surgeon in the Confederate Army. He later settled in Leake County, Mississippi and practiced until 1866, when he moved to Hill County, Texas and continued almost to his death. He had one son who left a large family in Hill County, Texas.
VI. William M. Sharp was born in 1838 in Alabama and died in 1908 at Steel, Mississippi. He married Carolyn Mayo in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. They had no children. They lived near his brother, John T. Sharp, all their lives. They were much loved by all their nephews and nieces.

VII. George Washington Sharp was born in 1838 in Alabama and died in 1890 in Scott County, Mississippi. He never married. He was afflicted all his life with epilepsy and in his later years, rather severely. He lived with his mother and managed her farm as long as she lived and lived his last days with Rev. E. M. Sharp's grandfather, Lafayette Sharp. George Sharp was said to be a very handsome man and could have married, but because of his affliction, he would not. He was very religious and had read the Bible through 13 times and was reading it through for the 14th time when he died.
VIII. Susie Margaret Sharp was born in 1842 in Alabama and died in 1916 in Scott County, Mississippi. She married Brady Langford of Scott County. They had three children, none of whom left any children. Mr. Langford was at one time Chancery Clerk of Scott County.
IX. Marshall Harrison Sharp was born in 1844. He was Matilda McGough's baby. He was her pet. He enrolled in the 40th Regiment of the Mississippi Infantry, some time during the war he was missing in action and was never heard of again. His mother refused to believe he was dead and died believing that one day he would return to her. Perhaps her prayers were answered and he met her on the other side.
James McGough, son of John and Elizabeth Carson McGough, was born November 23, 1803 in Green County, Georgia. He died in Alabama at about the age of 60. His wife's name is unknown. Benjamin Lewis McGough states that his uncle James McGough was married to a lady in Green County, Georgia whose name he did not know. That his uncle James went early to Alabama and at his writing in 1921, he did not know any of them. He first moved to Lowndes County, adjoining Montgomery County, sometime before 1850. He was there when the census was made in 1850 and 1860. He had moved out of the county by 1870 and his whereabouts not known. There are some marriage records in Lowndes county for some of his children. from the census records of 1850 and 1860 we have this arrangement of his family.

James McGough was born in 1803 in Georgia. His wife Sarah McGough, was born in 1809 in Georgia. Their children were:
(1) John McGough was born in 1827 in Georgia.
(2) Mary McGough was born in 1830 in Georgia and married John Ball in 1858 (3) Rebecca McGough was born in 1833 in Georgia and married George M. Best in 1850.
(4) Sarah McGough was born in 1837 in Georgia and married John Isom on December 21, 1858 (5) Margaret McGough was born in 1840 in Georgia.
(6) James J. McGough was born in 1843 in Georgia and married Miss Beasley in 1866.
(7) Julian McGough was born in 1848 in Alabama and died as a small boy.
(8) Martha C. McGough was born in 1853 in Alabama.
(9) Richmond McGough was born in 1856 in Alabama. More about James McGough will be typed up later:

David Carson McGough, youngest and 12th child of John and Elizabeth Carson McGough, was born on August 13, 1806 in Green County, Georgia. He died on July 26,1836 in Butts County, Georgia and is buried at Bethel Baptist Church. The name of David McGough's wife we do not have. In 1921, Mr. Benjamin Lewis McGough wrote and composed a book on the McGough history and he states he was married and had one son when he died in 1836 but he did not know his name. They are shown in the 1830 census living in Green County, Georgia, next door to his father, John McGough. He was named after his great uncle, David Carson, who was the son of Thomas Carson of Green County, an uncle of Elizabeth Carson McGough, but one of the younger sons of Thomas and about the same age of Elizabeth McGough.

William McGough, youngest son of Robert McGough, Sr. and Matilda Carson McGough, moved from Northern Ireland to South Carolina in 1771 as a young child.
William married Mary Patton in 1799. She was the daughter of Matthew Patton (1742-1789) her mother was Rebecca Barnett- Will Chester G. S. C. This information is from the Patton Family Magazine, December 2, 1972.
There are some deeds on record in Green County, Georgia showing that William McGough was there as early as 1792.
January 18, 1791- William McGough of Abbeville County, South Carolina sells t6 Zachariah Robertson of Green County, Georgia, for $326, 163 acres of land on Beaverdam of Richiand Creek. This deed shows an even earlier date for William's acquisition of land in Green County, though he was living in Abbeville District, South Carolina at the time of the sale in 1791.
November 23, 1792- Thomas Grey of Green County, Georgia sells to William McGough one Negro woman named Silvey. Witness to this deed was John Carson probably the husband of Isabella McGough) son of William Carson of Green County who also lived on Beverdam of Richland Creek.
September 13, 1797 - William McGough sells to George Campbell for $600, 395 acres of land on the waters of the South Ogechee River, bounding on the land of L. W. Carson and N. W. Taylor. Land which had been granted to William McGough in the year of 1792 by Governor Telfair of Georgia.
December 11, 1797 - William McGough of Green County, Georgia sells to Bennett Posey for $100, 100 acres of land on Beaverdam of Richland Creek.
January 7, 1800 - Josiah Hudings sells 200 acres of land to William McGough.
January 7, 1800- William McGough of Abbeville District, South Carolina sells to Adam Simonton of Green County, Georgia, 200 acres of land on Ogechee River, South Fork bounding on the North of John King's land, on the East of Speliman's land, and on the South of Baldquin's land and on the West unknown.

The census of Green County, Georgia for the year of 1820 shows William McGough and his wife, living near his brother John McGough. Both he and his wife are above 45 years of age and living alone with no others in the household. We have no earlier census of Georgia than 1820. The earlier census having been destroyed in Washington when the British captured the capital and burned so many Government buildings during the war of 1812. William does not show in the census of 1830 in Green County, Georgia. Neither is he in Twiggs County in 1830. However, in the 1840 census of Twiggs County, Georgia we find the family of Thomas Carson McGough. In the 1850 census, Thomas and family were there with his wife and children named. He was the son of William McGough who came from Ireland as a child in 1771.
Thomas C. McGough moved with his son William Carson McGough and his family before .1860 to Easterland County, Texas. He was born December 11, 1836 and died April 24, 1927 at the age of 9l years.

He had an older brother, J. B. McGough, and two younger sisters that moved to Texas with him. He looked after his sisters until they married. One sister was living and was with him when he died in 1927.
Thomas Thaddeus McGough was born in 1843 in Mississippi and died November 23, 1885. He was a first cousin to William Carson McGough. Their fathers were William McGough and Thomas McGough, sons of William and Mary McGough. William's father and mother were Robert and Matilda (Carson) McGough.

Robert McGough, Jr. was born December 1, 1765 in North Ireland. He came to America with his parents and other members of the family in 1771.
Agnes McWhorter, his wife, was born June 8, 1766 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The McWhorter's came from Ireland to Delaware in 1730, then they moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Later, they moved to Fort Augusta, Georgia. Agnes McWhorter is reputed to have been a "great beauty", with "titian hair". She was called "Nancy".
Robert died October 26, 1827. Agnes died March 8, 1843 in the home of her daughter, Mary McGough Armstrong. They are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Dallas County, Alabama.
Their Children are:
JOHN MCGOUGH married Polly Brooks on June 22, 1810.
JAMES MCGOUGH married Sarah Hollowell on February 16, 1812. He died in 1846 and is buried in the family graveyard at Lawson, Arkansas, Union County.
MARY MCGOUGH married James H. Armstrong on December 5, 1815.
ELIZABETH MCGOUGH married Joseph McGee on November27, 1816. She was born July 17, 1795 and died June 18, 1869. Both are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Dallas County, Alabama.
AGNES MCGOUGH married John Johnson.
ROBERT JOSEPH MCGOUGH was born March 4, 1801. He married Nancy Johnson. Robert died September 2, 1878. Nancy was born January 28, 1805 and died October 9, 1865. They are both buried in Taylor Cemetery, Union Parish, Louisiana, near Farmerville.

Robert Joseph McGough was born in Twiggs County, Georgia on March 4, 1801 and died August 2, 1878 at Farmerville, Louisiana, Union Parish. Nancy P. (Johnson) McGough, his wife, was born January 28, 1805 in Kentucky and died September 13, 1865 at Farmerville, Louisiana. They both are buried in Taylor Cemetery near Farmerville.
Their children are listed below. Their names and dates of birth were obtained from their old family Bible, which is in the possession of their great grand daughter, Miss Fay Baughinan, of Farmerville, Louisiana. Other information by their names was obtained by research.
1. Robert Finchy McGough was born January 24, 1824 in Alabama. Robert was educated as a M.D.. His grandfather was William B. Johnson, was also a doctor. Robert practiced for a short time. Tradition says that he was engaged to be married and his fiancée became sick and Robert treated her and she died. He set his medicine bags aside and never practiced again, saying "If he could not save the one he loved, he had no business being a doctor". Robert died March11, 1852. The probate records in Farmerville show that he owned 800 acres of land and owed no debts. He was called Pink McGough
2. Nancy Ann McGough was born February 8, 1825 in Alabama and died July 14, 1864 in Farmerville, Louisiana. She married John Steel. He was born in 1810 in York County, South Carolina and died February 6, 1889 in Union Parish, Louisiana. They both are buried in Taylor Cemetery.
3. William Sidney McGough was born June 4, 1826 in Perry County, Alabama and died February 24, 1866 at Farmerville, La.. William married a widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Bufford, in 1851. They had six children: Sophionia McGough, Elizabeth McGough, Joseph B. McGough, Frances Jane McGough, Nancy S. McGough, and Sidney George McGough. The children's names were obtained from the probate court records of his estate in Farmerville, La.Elizabeth Bufford's first husband was John Bufford, born November 23, 1820 and died October 22, 1848.
4. Martha Harriet McGough was born September 22, 1827 in Perry County, Alabama and died September 23, 1881. She is buried in Taylor Cemetery. Martha married William C. Hall on January 30, 1845 in Union Parish, La.. He was born April 27, 1820 and died December 5, 1902. He is also buried in Taylor Cemetery.
5. Josephus McGough was born April 6, 1829 in Perry County, Ala. and died July 14, 1914 at Farmerville, La.. He married Mary Ann Taylor on June 25, 1850 in Union Parish, La.. Mary was born September 29, 1835 and died January3, 1889. They both are buried in Taylor Cemetery. Mary was the third child of R. F. Taylor and Mary (Matthews) McGough. Their children's names were taken from an old deed to a grandson. They signed, so he could buy land from Joseph McGough, his grandfather. The deed was made out to William Lee McGough on August 23, 1904 in Farmerville, La..

Their Children:
1. Ellen McGough married Asa Sawyer.
2. Robert A. McGough married (1) Selma Kennedy and (2) Sara Ann Ward.
3. Elizabeth McGough married John W. Kennedy.
4. Sallie McGough married Leon Hicks.
5. Alice McGough married John N. Hicks.
6. James McGough married Annie Honeycutt.
7. Savanna McGough married James H. Aulds.
8. Albert Joseph McGough (Bart) married Holland Honeycutt.
9. Cress McGough was shot and killed one night while riding home horse back from Farmerville with his brother-in-law, James Aulds. Someone shot his assassin a few days later.

6. Eugene Lovert McGough was born July 15, 1830 in Perry County, Alabama. He married Nancy Matthews on May 18, 1858 in Union Parish, Louisiana. Nancy was born in Montgomery County, Alabama on May 6, 1839 and died in Little River County, Arkansas on May 28, 1876.
Lovert and Nancy McGough's children were:
1. Hezekiah McGough was born September 18, 1859. He married Sally Parr.
2. Robert P. McGough was born June 19, 1861 and died May 18, 1862. *
3. John T. McGough (twins) born June 19, 1861. *
4. James Alexander McGough (Jim) married Sue Love on December 3, 1890.
5. Elijah Thomas McGough (Tomp) married Nannie Lee Daily in 1886.
6. Eugene Lovert McGough, Jr. was born February 2, 1865 and died as a child.
7. Nancy Elizabeth McGough was born September 6, 1866.
8. Andrew Franklin McGough (Frank) married Sara Case in Sabine Parish, La.. Two children were born to them, a son and a daughter. The son was Elijah Thomas McGough (Tom), I do not have the girl's name. Sarah died in Mansfield, La. in 1895. Frank then returned to Nevada County, Arkansas and married Mattie Horniday in 1898.

9. Liddabellie McGough (Bell) married a Caplinger.
10. Talitha Caroline McGough was born December, 1872.11. Joseph Sidney McGough was born May 11, 1875. He married Mary Frances Seagraves. She was born October 10, 1884 and died January 22, 1958. Sidney died December 24, 1954.
Nancy Matthews McGough died May 28, 1876 in Little River County, Arkansas. Lovert McGough's second wife Vashti Sneed. They married on March 11, 1877. Lovert's death came on July 10, 1898. Vashti died February 8, 1956 at the age of 95. They had two children born in Little River County, Ark.
12. Athalah McGough was born August, 1880 and died August 24, 1886.
13. George Lovert McGough was born March29, 1882 and died January 24,1960. He married Effie Viola Dalvin on January 15, 1913 in Ashdown, Arkansas.
7. Narcissa Jane McGough was born October 29, 1831 and died October 29, 1833,2 years old.
8. Lloyd Johnson McGough was born April 30, 1833 in Perry County, Alabama.
9. Elizabeth Ellen McGough was born October 30, 1835. She married George Finton on May29, 1855  in Union Parish, La.. George was born in Ireland. Witnesses to their marriage were Lovert McGough, E. E. McGough, and Thomas H. Page. George Fenton was born April, 1827 and died February 22, 1891. Elizabeth died March21, 1890. Both are buried in Taylor Cemetery. Their children were:
1. George Robert Fenton was born October 9, 1859 and died August 25, 1883
2. James Pressly Fenton was born October 15, 1861 and died June 29, 1905. He married Georgia Perryman. Georgia was born on July 29, 1863 at Greenville, Alabama and died April 3, 1955 at Farmerville, Louisiana.
3. Mary Elizabeth Fenton was born October 19, 1866. She married James Rayburn.
4. Nancy Jane Fenton was born December 18, 1868 and died August 15, 1950. Nancy married Jefferson D. Baughman, born August 29,1861 and died November 19,1919. Miss Fay Baughinan still lives in their large beautiful home two miles west of Farmerville, La. on the Bernie highway. Miss Bauglirnan has the old family Bible of her great grand parents, Robert and Nancy McGough.
5. John Daniel Fenton was born December 13,1872 and died September 11,1958. He married  Hattie Hartman. Hattie was born on May 19, 1876 in Deer Creek, Mississippi and died February 28, 1906. One of their sons was born July 18, 1897 and died November 30, 1918.
His name was Robert Fenton.
10. Hezekiah George McGough was born August 4, 1837 in Perry County, Alabama. He married Louisa Futch in Union Parish, Louisiana. Hez was a Civil War veteran and died shortly after returning from the war, in November, 1865. The Probate Book no.2 pages 423-424 lists his family and minor children: His wife Louisa Futch McGough, daughter Elizabeth E. McGough, Daughter Ida L. McGough and son Hezekiah E. McGough born March 3, 1866, just after his father died. Hezekiah E. McGough's old home in Union Parish, La. is now standing (1970) between Marion, La. and the Alabama landing on the Ouchita River and is being occupied by Minor McGough, one of Hezekiah and Nettie Turnage McGough's sons.

11. James Presly McGough was born April 5, 1840 and died in Nevada County, Ark. on April 22, 1917. He married Martha Jane Matthews, born May 6, 1842 and died October 14, 1923. They are both buried in Laneburg Cemetery a few miles south east of Prescott, Ark. James was a veteran of the Civil War. He was a M.D.. The records show that he was captured near Petersburg on March25, 1865. He was sent to Point Lookout, Maryland on March 18, 1865 and released on June 29, 1865 on Oath. His description was: complication fair, hair red, eyes hazel, and height was 5 ft. 1 in. He made his residence in Union Parish, La.. Tradition says that he arrived home one year after his release, after walking home. He married Martha on returning home. Their children:
1. Idonia Samantha McGough
2. Lydia Permillia McGough married Gus Garett
3. Albert Sidney McGough was born January 5, 1873 and died January 8, 1942. He married Julia Munn.
4. Presly Randolph McGough was born January 15, 1875 and died February 11, 1952. He married Sarah Munn.
5. Joseph Tedford McGough married Ada Alsobrook.
6. Robert Bussy McGough was born October25, 1881 and died April 15, 1963. He married Lillie Rogers.
7. Lovert McGough died as and infant.
8. Florence Abigail McGough married George W. Duke.
9. Matthews McGough died as an infant.
12. Son born on February 10, 1842 died February 13, 1842, not named in Alabama.
13. John Lawrence McGough was born January 28, 1846 in Union Parish, La. and died in Nevada County, Ark. on March 2, 1910. He married Elizabeth Matthews. She was born on March26, 1845 and died November 6, 1884. They both are buried in Ephesus Cemetery in Nevada County, Ark, at Emmett, Ark. The church and cemetery lot were once in the property belonging to John McGough (1846-1910) and donated by him. John was also a veteran of the Civil War. He joined at the age of 16. His record states that he was a private in the 15th Louisiana Calvary. It doesn’t state where he was captured, but he was paroled from a P.O. W. camp on June 12, 1865. He made his residence in Union Parish, La.. John and Elizabeth's children were:

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