The following information has been compiled over the years by members of my family. It has been typed, re-typed and now converted with OCR , it contains many grammar and spelling errors. I have corrected some of the grammar and spelling errors for easier reading but left most of it as written by the original authors.

1. Jeanie McGough was born in 1868 in Union Parish, La. She moved with her parents in 1880 to Emmett, Ark. in Nevada county where her father, John McGough was merchant and farmer and was in the saw mill business. Jeanie McGough married John M. Haltom. They moved to Pocahontas, Ark., where he went into the automobile and tire business. They both lived there the rest of their lives and are buried there. John and Jeanie's children were:
1. Milber Haltom was a veteran of the First World War. He married Miss Jane __ I do not have her last name. They raised no children.
2. Muta Haltom married George Turner, they had no children. George is dead and Muta is 87 years old (1972)
3. Sue Haltom married Elmer Gattinger, they had one son, Joe Gattinger. Sue and Elmer are both dead. Joe is working for the government, Social Security Div..
4. Mickey Haltom married Tell White. He has retired from a railroad and both are living in Pocahontas, Ark.. They also had no children. Mickey in now 74 years old. Mickey and Muta are the only survivors. August, 1972.

2. John Lawrence McGough, 2nd was born December 13, 1870 in Union Parish, La.. He moved with his parents to Emmett, Ark. in 1878. He married Sally Parr on January 21, 1903 at Ashdown, Ark.. She was a widow with three children. Her husband was shot and killed while serving as Marshall at Wilson, Ark. (Hezekiah McGough, son of Lovert McGough). Lawrence was 32 years old and Sally was 40 years old. Their marriage didn’t work out. Lawrence moved to Union County, Ark. and started buying and selling timber. He had earlier taught school for two years after finishing high school and Old State Normal College. In Union County, Ark., he met Minnie Alice Sturdivant and they married September 18, 1908.She was born July 10, 1892 at Strong Ark. in Union County. Minnie died July 11, 1928 in Morehouse Parish, Beekinan, La... Lawrence died in 1938. They both are buried in the Beekman Cemetery, Morehouse Parish, La.. Their children:

1. John Lawrence McGough, 3rd was born June 24, 1909 at Strong, Ark.. He married Minnie Mae Hall.
2. James Calvin McGough was born at Strong, Ark. on April 14, 1911. He married Berthia Willis.
3. Joseph Miller McGough was born February 2, 1913 in Union Parish, La. He married Lillian Smith.
4. Eugene Lovert McGough was born August 16, 1916 in Morehouse Parish, La.. He married Opal Schockey.
5. Lonna Alice McGough was born July 11, 1919 in Morehouse Parish, La. She married Cornell Tripp.
6. Lloyd Presley McGough was born October 9, 1923 in Morehouse Parish, La. He married Margie Kobza.
7 Gertie Leona McGough was born March 12, 1926 in Morehouse Parish, La.. She married Lonny Nugent.
8. Minnie Margaret McGough was born February 26, 1922 and died October 10, 1924 at Beekman, La. and is buried between her father and mother.
3. Robert Presley McGough was born October 21, 1872 in Union Parish, La. and died May 15, 1896 in Emmett, Ark.. He is buried in Ephesus Cemetery. He never married.

4. Elizabeth (Betty) McGough was born October 6, 1876 in Union Parish, La.. Betty had a twin sister that died when seven days old and was not named. Betty married Bennett Miler Marshall. Ben was born March 8, 1870 and died June 25, 1930. Betty died June 1, 1946. Both departed this life at Gurdon, Ark. in Clark County, where they had raised all their children. Both are buried in the family cemetery at Emmett, Ark.. Their children were:
1. Jewel Marshall married Porter Mitchell. Jewel was born November 29, 1895 and died February 5, 1972 and is buried at Nashville, Ark..
2. Fay Marshall was born February 16, 1898. Fay married Ruby Jenkins. Fay retired several years ago from about 30 years service with the Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. They had two daughters. Ruby died when the girls were young and Fay never remarried. He is still living on his home place at Gurdon, Ark..
3. Bessie Marshall was born February 24, 1901. She married Clarence Foshee. Clarence and Bess raised their son and daughter at Gurdon, Ark. The son, C. B. Foshee, is owner and operating The Gurdon Machine Works that his father established in the 1920's. The daughter is an R.N. in Eldorado, Ark.. Bessie is living at their home at Gurdon. Clarence passed away 2 years ago.
4. William Marshall was born December 28, 1904, now retired. He married Edna Tubbs. They raised their family at Gurdon, Ark. William and Edna now live at their home in Gurdon. (1972)
5. Hansel Marshall was born September 8, 1908. He married in Little Rock to a Miss Pauline --?. They raised their family there. Hansel has retired as a railroad engineer from the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
6. John Morgan (JM) Marshall was born January 13, 1913. He married Norma Lee Cally at Gurdon, Ark., where they made their home. They have two sons, one is a college student and the other is in high school. JM works as a railroad engineer.
7. Helen Marshall was born September 4, 1915. She married B. W. Horniday. They have one daughter and she is married. Her husband is employed by Bell Telephone Co.. Their home is Arkadelphia, Ark..
John McGough and Elizabeth Matthews McGough had triplets born to them in 1881. After Elizabeth's death on November 16, 1884, John McGough married Matilda Emma Lowe on January 27, 1886 at Prescott, Ark. They had three daughters:
Dell McGough never married. She worked about 40 years for a large dry goods store and died in Texarkana, Texas at the age of 85.
Ezera McGough, now retired from many years’ service with a railroad Co., is living in a rest home in Texerkana. These three sisters were raised at Emmett, Ark. in Nevada County. Gladys McGough married a man by the name of Deaton. They had one son, he runs the radio station in Arkadelphia, Ark.. His parents are both dead. I don't have much information on these three aunts of mine. (John L. McGough 3rd).

Robert McGough was born March28, 1785 in Abbeville, South Carolina. He was the son of John McGough and Elizabeth Carson McGough and grandson of Robert McGough, believed to be the original colonist whose wife was Matilda, presumed to be Mills or Carson.
Shortly after Robert's birth, the family settled in Green County, Georgia on a plantation known as "China Grove". On October10, 1811, he married Sandal Cabanas and in 1824, moved his family to Monroe County, Georgia.
Sandal Cabanas was born in 1797, the daughter of George Cabanas and Palita Harrison, of Virginia. George Cabanas was the son of Matthew Cabanas and his wife was Hannah Clay. His grandfather was Henry Cabanas, a French Huguenot who came to Virginia, "Mary and Ann" in 1687. Sandal Cabanas had a brother, E.G. Cabanas, who was a judge in Jones County, Georgia.
The children of Robert and Sandal McGough were:
1. John McGough was born September 15, 1812. He married Elizabeth Dawson.
2. Mary Ann Rebecca McGough was born in 1829. She married John Robert Minter.
3. Elizabeth McGough married Ezekiel Hollis and lived in Brundridge, Alabama.
4. Matilda McGough was born in 1818 in Georgia.
5. Matthew McGough was born in Georgia in 1814.
6. William J. McGough was born in Georgia and married but his wife's name is not known He was mortally wounded at the battle of New Hope Church and died in Atlanta, Georgia in July, 1864.
7. Columbus C. McGough never married and was killed at the battle of Gettysburg, Pa..
8. Sarah Bailey McGough was born February 29, 1816. She married Jacob A. Clements, born December 10, 1808 in Green County. Sarah died July 27, 1904. Both are buried in Buena Vista, Georgia.
9. George Lafayette McGough was a single merchant in Columbus, Georgia.
10. Robert Carson McGough was born in 1832. He married Margaret Hollis.

Sarah Bailey McGough and Jacob A. Clements had the following children:( names copied from Jacob's will. Dates of birth and death taken from Cemetery and family records.)
1. Thomas J. Clements
2. Peyton W. Clements married Susan J. Rockinan on April 29, 1857.
3. Sarah (Sallie) Ann Clements married Jason
4. Jane Baldwin Clements was born October 5, 1836 in Buena Vista, Georgia and died November 20.1910 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. She married Richard Waley Melton on April 24, 1856 in Buena Vista, Georgia.
5. John w. Clements was born on November 22, 1838 and died February 13, 1911, single.
6. Harriet E. Clements was born in 1841. She married a TilIman.
7. William A. Clements was born in 1845 in Georgia.
8. Robert E. Clements was born February 18, 1854 and died January 9, 1923. He married Mattie McCall, born November 5, 1854 and died April 2, 1949. Both are buried at Buena Vista, Georgia.


Andrew Franklin (Frank) McGough was born July 24, 1868 in Nevada County, Arkansas. He married Sarah Case at Mansfield, Louisiana in 1892. From this marriage, one son was born, Elijah Thomas McGough, on July 26, 1893 in Mansfield, Louisiana. Sarah died in 1895. Frank moved back to Nevada County, Ark. There he married Mattie B. Horneday in 1898. From this marriage, they had the following children:

1. Robert Franklin McGough was born October 22, 1901 and died June 4, 1975.
2. Edgar Lovert McGough was born October 22, 1909
3. Albert Sidney McGough was born January 18, 1911 and died February 20, 1911.
4. Pearl Bell McGough was born June 2, 1912 and died October 12, 1913.
5. Nora Elzora McGough was born September 25, 1916 and died November 30, 1993.
6. Elizabeth Bell McGough was born July 31, 1919 and died October 17,1994.

Frank and his family farmed in Little River County, Ark. and McCurtain County, OK. In the winter months, Frank and the boys trapped and hunted fur-bearing animals for extra income. Frank was the son of Eugene Lovert McGough, born in Perry County, Alabama on June 15, 1830. His mother was Nancy Matthews, born May 6, 1839 in Montgomery County, Alabama. Lovert and Nancy were married on May 18, 1858 in Union Parish, Louisiana. Eugene died July 10, 1898 in Little River County, Ark. Nancy died May 28, 1876 in Little River County, Ark.. Frank died February 12, 1923.

Mattie Horneday McGough (Ma) was a very quite, sweet lady. I can't remember her raising her voice or loosing her temper with anyone. As a lot of old timers did in her time, Ma dipped snuff. Ma would use a small black gum twig chewed on the end until it was frayed like bristles of a toothbrush and brush her teeth with snuff. When she died and the age of 88, she still had all her natural teeth. She was born March 13, 1885 in Nevada County, Ark. and died June 30,1973. She is buried in Redmen Cemetery at DeQueen, Ark. next to her daughters, Nora and Elizabeth.

Robert Franklin McGough was born October 22, 1901 at Emmet, Arkansas. He was the oldest son of the second marriage of Andrew Franklin (Frank) McGough and Mattie Horneday McGough. Robert was a half brother to Elijah Thomas McGough, from the marriage of Frank and Sarah Case McGough in Mansfield, Louisiana. Robert was the grandson of Eugene Lovert and Nancy McGough.
When Robert was a small boy, he had blonde hair. He said that some of his friends called him "Cotton". He had small pox and scarlet fever at the same time and almost died. As a result of the illness, he lost his hair. When his hair came back, it was very dark. On his eight birthday, he got a baby brother, Edgar Lovert McGough.
Growing up and making a living at farming was hard and usually required some other income to make it. Back then, county roadwork was done by the people living in the county. Each man had to work some amount of hours per year on the road crews. If a person could hire someone else to work in their place, that was permitted. So, Robert did a lot of roadwork in other people's places for extra income to supplement farming.
When Frank McGough died in 1923, that left Maffie with two sons, ages 13 and 21, and two daughters, ages 3 and 6. After trying to support the family on the farm didn't work out, Robert moved the family to Wright City, OK. in 1924, where he worked at the lumber mill for 43 years, retiring in 1967. He explained to the man that hired him, Gordon Grammer, that he needed a steady job and work all the hours that he could. Mr. Grammer gave Robert a job oiling in the planer mill. He had been working seven days a week for six months, when Grammer came out one Sunday morning and asked Robert if the job was steady enough. He let Robert off that afternoon. Robert later became carpenter foreman. He held that job until 1946, when he became sawmill foreman. He held this job until he retired in 1967. During the years Robert worked at the mill, he also sold Wooden of the World insurance for 35 years. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and was the first Mayor of Wright City.
Robert married Nettie Kimbrough on December 24, 1926. Nettie died on December 24, 1933 and is buried in the Old Wright City Cemetery. They had two children:
1. Madro Allen McGough was born May 12, 1928 at Wright City, Okla.. He died August 20, 1929 and is buried in the Old Wright City Cemetery.
2. Roberta McGough was born April 22, 1930 at Wright City, OK.
On June 18, 1934, Robert married Dorothy Brewer at Wright City, OK.. They lived the rest of their lives at Wright City. They had three sons:

1. Orion Franklin McGough was born May 11, 1935 at Wright City, OK.
2. Andrew Franklin McGough was born January 28, 1937 at Wright City, Okla.. He died January 3, 1961 at Reedsville, North Carolina and is buried in the Old Wright City Cemetery.
3. Albert Sidney McGough was born October 19, 1939 at Wright City, OK.

Dorothy Brewer McGough was born August 8, 1915 at Bokhoma, Okla. as the daughter of Orion Florman Brewer and Dullie Jeter Brewer. She taught us boys how to work and how to play. We always had a very large garden to work and we canned vegetables, soup, fruit, and berries. When we were caught up with our work, Mom always let us go to the swimming hole. On our trips to pick berries or go fishing, she taught us to identify most of the trees and plants in the woods. She showed us which were good to eat and those which were poison.

After the kids were out of school, Dorothy went to nurse's school in Texarkana, Ark.. After received her certification, she worked at De Queen General Hospital at De Queen, Ark. and at .McCurtain Memorial Hospital at Idabel, Ok.. She worked a few years as a private nurse m Kansas City, Missouri. Then after she retired, the people of Wright City would call her when they were sick because die town didn't have a doctor. She was a member of the Eastern Star. She loved to grow flowers. Many of the people of Wright City would come by and get flowers from her to plant in their yard. Today, many of them can show you the flowers that they got from Dorothy McGough.
Robert McGough died June 4, 1975 at Wright City, Okla. and Dorothy McGough died in Texarkana, Ark. on September 23, 1993. Both are buried in the Old Wright City Cemetery, one on each side of their son, Andrew Franklin McGough.

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